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Mesaj icon Konu: How does the oxygen concentrator work?

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Kayıt Tarihi: 11Ekim2019
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Alıntı Ice111 Cevapla bullet Konu: How does the oxygen concentrator work?
    Gönderim Zamanı: 04Ocak2020 Saat 11:10
How does the oxygen concentrator work? 

How does the oxygen concentrator work? Air, 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen concentrator are medical equipment that can help people with low oxygen content in the blood. Plug devices into power outlets or use batteries to power them. If a battery is used, it needs to be charged by plugging it into a power outlet. Most concentrators also have adapters, so you can use the device while driving.

The oxygen concentrator receives the air, purifies it, and distributes the newly formed air. Before entering the concentrator, the air consists of 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen. The oxygen concentrator uses this air and then exhausts it in the form of 90% to 95% pure oxygen and 5% to 10% nitrogen. Separate the nitrogen to give the patient the maximum amount of oxygen, because without the help of medical equipment, it is difficult to obtain this percentage of oxygen. portable oxygen concentrator

The working principle of oxygen concentrator - converting air into oxygen portable oxygen machine is composed of many parts. Compressor and sieve bed filter are several main components. The compressor compresses the air that is filtered into the concentrator and then delivers the air in a continuous flow. The compressed air is transferred to the sieve bed filter. The sieve bed filter plays an important role because it is a device to remove nitrogen from the air. There is a material called zeolite in the sieve bed, which is a six sided micro cube with holes on each side, which is why nitrogen is removed from the air.

Is a portable oxygen machine good for day and night? The portable oxygen concentrator has two settings for receiving oxygen: pulse dose and continuous flow. Pulse dose mode is usually used during the day because when you inhale, it carries air through the intubation. The concentrator with pulse dose technology is also more compact and has a longer battery life. Continuous flow mode delivers a constant flow of air through a pipe. For people who need oxygen to sleep, this mode is the best choice.

Advantages of oxygen concentrator: portable and domestic oxygen concentrators have many advantages for patients who need oxygen treatment. Compared with the traditional oxygen cylinder, their risk is much lower. If the traditional oxygen cylinder breaks or leaks, it may cause or increase the burning rate of the fire. On the other hand, the oxygen concentrator does not have this danger. Home and portable oxygen machines that can "make" their own oxygen have become more popular and widely used than older oxygen tanks. Another major advantage is ease and increased ability to move with oxygen. The portable oxygen machine can provide users with oxygen for any place even on the aircraft.

What kind of home oxygen machine is suitable for you? Buying a fixed or home oxygen machine (HOC) is as important as buying a TV or car, but more private. Just like cars, customers need to find the concentrator that best suits their needs, because these products have various sizes and functions.

The hoc can be customized according to any situation, no matter the user needs the home oxygen machine which is easy to store, energy-saving, light and even used in high altitude area. The oxygen tank may be volatile and needs to be refilled. POC has good mobility, but because they are made for convenience, the smaller and lighter design lacks the power and output function that fixed hoc can provide.
How does the home oxygen machine work? The ambient air around us consists of about 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% argon. The fixed oxygen concentrator is used to separate oxygen from nitrogen and argon to deliver up to 95% oxygen, thus increasing the oxygen saturation in the patient's blood. Hoc usually uses a process called pressure swing absorption. The air compressor is used to separate oxygen and nitrogen together with two containers containing zeolite. Porous zeolite minerals can absorb nitrogen molecules in compressed air while allowing other gases to pass through.

Oxygen concentrators have a wide range of shapes, sizes and weights. Some models are smaller and can be placed in a narrow space without problems, which is necessary for patients in small apartments or assisted living scenarios. Some colors and designs will be integrated with the user's room decoration, so that those who are not aware of their own oxygen therapy users are not obvious. It is important to check the list of HOCs that will be used in the home. Consider where you spend most of your time at home.

The final idea of choosing a home oxygen machine. Home oxygen machine is not to find the best product in the market. Instead, patients need to find the best product based on their specific health problems and oxygen needs. Once patients have analyzed their specific personalized needs, they can narrow their search to selected products. This, in turn, makes it easier for patients to make purchase decisions.

Portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) are becoming more efficient, compact, portable, and cheaper. Once the oxygen system provided you with enough battery life and oxygen to run quickly to the grocery store, now it is becoming a more viable solution for all types of oxygen-dependent patients. With recent advances in technology and battery life, some portable concentrators can now help some patients spend more time with family and friends, enjoy longer outings in town, and even travel across the country. Depending on your oxygen needs, portable systems may not be a single oxygen supplementation solution, but as technology continues to advance, these compact oxygen systems are becoming more and more popular with oxygen-dependent patients.

Oxygen concentrators, whether portable or stationary, take air from the room around you and turn it into a concentrated oxygen source. The air we breathe is mainly nitrogen, with only about 21% oxygen. An oxygen concentrator converts indoor air to a pure oxygen concentration of up to 95%. The increased oxygen content through the supplemental oxygen system increases the oxygen saturation in the blood.

The working principle of the portable oxygen machine is the same as that of the fixed oxygen machine, but because its volume is much smaller than that of the fixed oxygen machine, its oxygen supply capacity is limited. Most portable oxygen machines only provide pulsed dose oxygen machines, but there are a few continuous flow oxygen machines on the market that can deliver 3 liters of concentrated oxygen per minute under continuous flow.

Compared with fixed oxygen machines, the most comparable portable oxygen machine is the continuous flow portable oxygen machine. There are currently only four types of continuous flow devices on the market. These portable devices are capable of producing continuous delivery of oxygen up to 3 liters per minute.

Which portable oxygen machine is right for you? We've discussed the differences in functionality and portability between continuous-flow and pulse-dose portable oxygen machines, so it's time to decide which portable oxygen machine is right for you. Start by recording the oxygen you need for your daily activities, including your sleep and rest needs. A portable oxygen concentrator may not be the single solution for your oxygen needs. You can use a portable device when you are away from home, but you may need a more robust oxygen solution at home. For example, many portable oxygen concentrators are not approved or recommended by doctors for use during sleep. Talk to your doctor about the correct solution you need.

A pulsed dose portable oxygen concentrator delivers oxygen intermittently. These types of machines deliver oxygen in pulses as the patient inhales, rather than continuously. Most pulsed dosage units are capable of supplying from 450 milliliters per minute to 1,250 milliliters per minute in short pulses. Pulse dose portable oxygen concentrators are generally recommended for patients with hypoxic needs who require up to 2 LPM of oxygen.

Answering "What portable oxygen machine should I buy?" This is difficult, partly because the question is very specific to the person asking the question. Without knowing your specific situation and needs, neither I nor anyone can give you the correct answer. I can say that while no unit is "better" than the other, one may be better than the other for you. With this article, I hope to give you some insights into what you should consider when you ask yourself what kind of concentrator is right for you. To further help you understand some of the differences between currently available concentrators, see the chart that outlines some specific features and specifications. All information is taken from product literature and information provided by other manufacturers and should not be considered comprehensive.

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