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happiness and comfort

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Konu: happiness and comfort
Mesajı Yazan: lead
Konu: happiness and comfort
Mesaj Tarihi: 06Şubat2010 Saat 23:22
Does Happiness depend upon comfort? ’
The answer is definitely a big, ‘No! ’
Happiness lies in not comforts alone!
Happiness is not a static quality of the human mind, body and soul.

All can’t remain happy all the time.
It would be foolishness to wish for a life, filled with happiness alone;
Happiness is more when woes come in-between.
Happiness is just a feeling weird!

Life could become boring and monotonous, when happiness is prolonged.
Even the pauper can be happier than the prince.
Even the beggar smiles and sleeps well, despite much strife.

Happiness is a frame of mind that’s dynamic in nature;
Happiness is a kind of mood of feeling very well;
Happiness is a state of one, when life seems worth living;
Happiness is something strange that varies with time, experience and wisdom.

Happiness is all within;
Happiness is in giving;
Happiness is in sharing;
Happiness is the ceiling, whatever you fix!

Happiness does not wholly depend on comforts;
Happiness cannot be bought by money;
Happiness is not all luxury;
Happiness is abstract to the core!

Happiness is in being child-like, though adult;
Happiness is in making and seeing the less fortunate ones, smile;
Happiness is in acting adult-like, although a child
Happiness is in giving something to someone, although you still need it.

Happiness is in sacrificing for others’ sake;
Happiness is in giving up your chance to someone, who most needs it;
Happiness is in doing acts of charity;
Happiness is when you’ve led a righteous life.

Happiness to some is in dreams - -
Dr John Celes

Mesajı Yazan: omaro
Mesaj Tarihi: 07Şubat2010 Saat 00:30

وكل غريب للغريب نسيب

Mesajı Yazan: HalitB
Mesaj Tarihi: 07Şubat2010 Saat 13:42

What a beautiful words

and our religion told that and we must do all these things to feel it
Thank you ahmet brother
Çok teşekkürler

مرحى لنا...

Mesajı Yazan: lead
Mesaj Tarihi: 25Şubat2010 Saat 15:41
A State of Siege

Awoman asked the cloud: please enfold my loved one
My clothes are soaked with his blood
If you shall not be rain, my love
Be trees

Saturated with fertility, be trees
And if you shall not be trees, my love
Be a stone

Saturated with humidity, be a stone
And if you shall not be a stone, my love
Be a moon

In the loved one’s dream, be a moon
So said a woman to her son
In his funeral

During the siege, time becomes a space
That has hardened in its eternity
During the siege, space becomes a time
That is late for its yesterday and tomorrow

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